Even if the escorts may have different reasons why they do not want to see an escort again, some reasons are common and every escort will not wish to deal with the person because of the following problem.

  • Hygiene issue
  • Cheap, a person who wants to stay longer than what he had paid for, who do not want to pay for the extras he gets and the person who pays less money than what agreed upon.
  • Unbearable annoying or who have a tiring sex. Some escorts do not want men who make them to work too much or these who takes longer during sexual encounter.

There are additional behaviors that can make an escort to keep away from a man. It can be:

  • Stalker tendencies: some clients are in love and they can tend to invade the personal life of the gorgeous escort girls here in unwelcome manner. This is when love is one sided. However, this is different from when a client is in love with an escort, but he still respects her expectation and boundaries. Admiration will not bother the escorts if their boundaries have been respected.
  • The reasons why an escort can decide to keep away from a man can be interpreted in different ways. For most of the clients who did not clean well, it may be a deal breaker. To avoid clients with bad behavior, the girls can be strict on how they choose their customers. The escorts may start to ignore the messages and the calls of their clients if they do not want to meet with them.
  • The escorts normally prefer to have regular customers who are familiar with them and they feel even safer when they are with the clients they know about. However, what she thinks to be affection can turn to be weird and possessiveness.    
  • Other escorts are not willing to meet the clients when they are too young and they would prefer to meet with the older ones. Escorts do not want to meet virgins. This is because they do not want to be the first of these clients. Another reason why escorts do not like young clients is that they do not understand more about sex and they may think that doing it fast and hard will lead to successful sex, but they do not understand that it is painful to escorts. They do not understand that there is more to sex. The younger people tend to be rougher and they do not have same finesse which others get from the practice. If they would like listening, it can be good but for older escorts, the age difference may impact on the relationship.
  • The refusal of a client by an escort can be because of the mismatch of the two or the need of the fantasy, request and desire of the client that the escort cannot fulfill. It can be also be the poor attitude that he displayed with first contact. The escorts will not see clients whom they know that they are not able to satisfy.
  • The escorts are willing to refuse money instead of being with a stinker and creeper.